Weather Cancellation Policy Reminder

This is a review of FCC’s weather/cancelation policy.

Our practice is to follow Fond du Lac Public School’s announcements.

This means:

  • If FDL-Public School cancels for the day, FCC also cancels
  • If FDL-Public School dismisses early and includes the that “all evening activities are canceled,” FCC also cancels (in rare cases, FDL Public leaves open the option for evening activities. In this case, we will try to proactively communicate our status as soon as possible)
  • If FDL-Public School announces a late start, and indicates no further cancellation of evening activities, we *will* rehearse
  • Because Mr. Hein lives in Sheboygan and commutes via HWY 23, in rare instances, if weather conditions are harsher to the east, we may cancel if it seems prudent that he not make the drive.

We aim to reiterate our cancellation status as soon as possible via this blog AND on the FCC Facebook page.

As always, your judgement as a parent regarding sending your young person to rehearsals, with respect to weather conditions, supersedes any decision made by FCC or THELMA staff.