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Message from David Hein
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Greetings Singers and Families —

I’m excited for us to attempt this Virtual Choir project! Here is a description of the process required to make this happen.

  1. This project is NOT a requirement. Of course we want as many participants as possible; however, I am not interested in complicating your already challenging family lives!
  2. Deadline for videos — please aim for Monday, April 20, evening. I’ll begin work on this Tuesday.

Preparation — You will need:

  • The audio backing track attached to this message — filename: “Hard Times – full performance.mp3”
    This is the backing track singers use to guide their singing performance during the recording.
    Use the recording to practice. Sing the song enough that you are able to complete the entire piece confidently. You may need to practice this several times before you attempt recording!
  • One device to play the backing track.
    Best option: this should be a computer with either headphones or ear buds. (More on that later)
  • Second device to make the recording
    Best option: this should be a phone set for selfie-mode video
  • Sheet music
    In your folder, or also attached to this post, if you are missing your copy.

Recording Process:

  1. Set your “device one” (your computer, phone or tablet) to play the audio file through headphones
    If you do not have headphones or ear buds, make sure you stand far enough away from “device one” so that the audio from that device does not ‘bleed’ too strongly into your recording device
  2. Set your “device two” (best if it’s a phone) to video recording (someone else should hold the camera)
  3. First tap to start recording (device two)
  4. Second tap/play the audio backing track
  5. Sing the whole song
  6. Tap stop on the recording when you have finished
  7. Repeat the process if you don’t like the results!
  8. Share your video to Mr. Hein via Google Drive (reach out for assistance if you need coaching on this process)

Things to think about when you record

  • Wear something plain — color is nice; your Chorale t-shirt is a good choice. Avoid other logo-wear, please.
  • Think about what is behind you in the video — stand where the background is either plain, or else ‘less busy’ — we want YOU to be the focus.
  • Someone else should hold the camera so that you can be “framed” such that you are visible from your waist up.
  • Think about your facial expressions — it’s difficult to be an “expressive choir singer” when you are not standing with the rest of the choir — that’s true! Even so, see if you can make your performance expressive. You’ll need to look at the music, of course, but try to look up at the camera every so often so that the viewers of the video feel like you are connecting with them. These are ‘old fashioned’ words, in some cases, but their meaning is still very relevant to today I think!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. I’ll be watching for messages all weekend long and will do my best to help and support your through this process!

David Hein

Audio Backing track:

Sheet Music:

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