UPDATE: FCC Rehearsal Status

A message from David Hein

Dear Parents and Singers,

Fond du Lac Children’s Chorale will continue suspension of rehearsals through the end of March. We will not meet March 23 or March 30. THELMA staff and I (as I’m sure you, too) are watching announcements and information from public officials. We will resume if and only if there is consensus among officials that it is safe to do so. We will determine what this means for the June concert in the coming weeks.

Next, I am shifting my focus to prepare a range of musical activities to continue teaching musical proficiency to our young people. Stay tuned! (Marian needs to be my first focus for the next couple of days, as the entire university ecosystem is scrambling to retool for online course delivery.)

Below is a link to a Spotify playlist I have put together for your listening. It contains selections performed by excellent children’s choruses from around the country. I have tried to pick some things that may be familiar to you; as well, I have tried to pick inspirational and hopeful music. Spotify accounts are free — stream to a speaker for better quality sound, or listen with headphones!

Spotify link to Children’s Choral Performances

(Login to the blog to say what your favorite selection is! Tell us why!)

I hope you and your family are finding ways to manage the newness and schedule disruptions; I hope you are safe and well. I send my greetings and well wishes!

David Hein

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