UPDATE: Children’s Chorale and COVID-19

A message from David Hein
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Dear Parents and Singers,

By now you should have received a message from Jacqui Corsi, THELMA’s Executive Director, in which she announced cancellation of concerts at THELMA, though classes will continue (see below for rehearsal info).

I messaged last week announcing a parent meeting this coming Monday, March 16th, concurrent to the regularly scheduled massed rehearsal for that evening —

We will postpone that parent meeting until an as of yet undetermined date. Stay tuned for reschedule information.

Recall that at that parent meeting we had planned to begin conversations about the special spring concert on June 3rd. I, along with my THELMA colleagues, believe there is still sufficient time for us to work on this, to not lose ground, and to still have an impactful concert!

FCC Rehearsals
I have felt conflicted over the best thing to do related to whether we should continue rehearsing or suspend rehearsals. To help in making that decision, I have been in communication with local community leaders, and with my wider colleague network across the country. Choirs and their leaders all over are discerning what the best course of action is related to rehearsal schedules. One colleague replied to me with this statement: “I…think…groups of kids standing in close proximity and essentially breathing together onto surfaces that they have to repeatedly touch for a couple hours is probably not a good idea right now. Also, we have some immunocompromised kids and kids who live with older relatives or with others who have underlying health conditions. For us, I feel like canceling is the socially responsible thing to do. We want our singers to be well and we don’t want to unintentionally spread illness within the broader community.” In light of this and other conversations I have had, I believe the best course of action for us at this time is to suspend rehearsals for the next two weeks (we will miss March 16th and March 23rd). This two-week hiatus comports with timing that many colleges, universities, and other organizations have adopted. Further, I am considering ways we might be able to continue a certain amount of our work remotely/via email or using various internet resources. And of course, one possibility is that we may need to add in some extra rehearsing as we get closer to the concert date.

We welcome your feedback! Please address questions to me as well as to Michael Wartgow. This allows both of us, as Children’s Chorale/THELMA representatives, to keep abreast of questions and concerns, and to collectively make the most informed replies to your concerns.

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Thank you for your continued to commitment to the chorale!

David Hein

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