Singing Valentines: final details

Greetings all — this is Mr. Hein:

Mon., Feb., 10 is our last rehearsal before we head out for our Singing Valentines project! I have, myself, purchased two Valentines, sending our singers to special places around town. Have you purchased one yet? This project helps us in a number of ways — certainly financially, but it helps FCC have visibility around Fond du Lac, it allows us to be creative, and gives our singers the opportunity to see how their music can make an impact. Help support our cause.

IMPORTANT — for rehearsal Mon., Feb. 10, I would like to hold the 3rd-4th-5th Grade Choir for 5 minutes extra, and would ask that the 6th-7th-8th Grade Choir arrive 10 minutes early; that way we can have an ad hoc brief massed rehearsal to fine tune the Valentines Music as one group.

  • Permission slips are available at the post Michael made last week. Follow the link at the bottom of this message to login and navigate to last week’s post. There, you’ll be able to print, sign and return the slip by tomorrow, Feb 10th.
  • FDL public schools folks, note that school is not in session this Friday, the day of the Valentines performances, which may impact how your family negotiates transit. (Just a heads-up to aid planning!)
  • We are in need of drivers to help us get around town. Please message Michael directly if you are able to help.
  • Michael and I will be working out routes and singing groups once we have a complete list of Singing Valentine orders, as well as a complete list of participants. We can’t design groups until we have a complete list of participants.

Please act now!

And most certainly, as always, THANK YOU for all you do to help FCC succeed!

Cheers —

David Hein

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