Rehearsal Cancellation: Monday, March 11

Dear FCC Singers and Families –
Monday, March 11th there will be no rehearsal.
One of my Marian classes has an evening field trip and I couldn’t figure out any way around the conflict with FCC rehearsals.
Therefore we will cancel the March 11th rehearsal. In it’s place I am putting together some small group rehearsal options. Sometime over the next week, I would like to meet with singers in groups of 10-15. I will ensure enough enough options that we should hopefully be able to work around myriad schedule complexities that will, I’m sure, emerge for all of you.
The rescheduled/small group rehearsals will be held at the Marian Music Building, the Agnes Center, 505 E. Division St (almost across the street from the hospital). Relocating to Marian’s Agnes Center allows easier control of schedule options with respect to THELMA’s complex building calendar.
This more focused attention afforded by smaller group rehearsals may be better for learning, in the end.
Please watch for more information soon.
Thank you,
David Hein