National Exchange Bank Foundation is offering a $25,000 matching donation if THELMA can raise the same amount by end of this year!

Harrison is the only student who has been in every one of our first five productions of On Stage @ THELMA. He said the first year he had no lines – and the last year – he had 13 lines! He says he has improved as an actor and this is a great program to build your acting career! But his favorite part is making new friends.

Maeve, a three-year veteran of our On Stage @ THELMA, said in the beginning she was so nervous. Then she met a lot of new friends, everyone at THELMA was so nice, and then it got really fun! Also, she said, you can be yourself at THELMA.

Making connections, building the confidence of children, sharing a passion for the arts…this is how the community has helped us. THELMA is thriving. There are more concerts, classes and events featuring the arts than ever before. The debt is paid, and we continue to engage our community enriching them through the arts. It wasn’t an easy road to get here. Thanks to our donors and members, we are in a better place.

As with most arts organizations, it’s never going to be easy. We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary as an organization in 2020 and we want to be here for our community for another 25 more years and beyond! THELMA is focused on sustainability.

Everything we do – rentals, membership dues, concessions – covers only about 50% of our costs. Sure, we could raise prices but remember we exist for all in our community. We have to keep our prices affordable so the arts are accessible for all. We need to provide more arts opportunities, more programming because the arts strengthens our connections, our economy, our productivity and our community. The arts are a necessity. And now we have an exciting opportunity!

National Exchange Bank Foundation has come forward to help our community! This charitable organization is offering a $25,000 matching donation if THELMA can raise the same amount by end of this year!

This is a 100% match!

Your donation will go further! Every dollar you give becomes two dollars! We will be tracking our progress for all to see with the recreation of Vincent van Gogh’s dynamic painting – The Starry Night.

Will you help us complete the painting by December 31?

You can learn more about Harrison and Maeve and all we do at THELMA by viewing our 2019 video. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at the next event!