Member Spotlight Artists Chosen for Display at THELMA

Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts (THELMA) has announced the featured artists in the 2018 Second Quarter Member Spotlight, each one a THELMA member with work to be displayed alongside pieces from the permanent collection.

THELMA is proud to present the works of Stephanie McGuire, Robert Bruni, and Tom Walker. Their work will be on display from April 3 until June 30 on THELMA’s lower level.

Stephanie McGuire is a multifaceted artist, and comes from an extensive background in interior and graphic design. She is active in the local, downtown art scene, more recently lending her graphic design talents to projects such as the Equality Project, the Utility Box Project, and various logo, t-Shirt and flyer designs for local business. Her works include painting, printing, collage, & sculpture, but photography has always been her passion. Her current preferred method is shooting on vintage equipment & Polaroid film.

Her photo, Asylum Point, is from McGuire’s first visit there. She recalls it was early and quiet, and the dense blanket of fog definitely added to the mood. Asylum Point is part of a series that highlights a week-long weather phenomenon that settled into Oshkosh and the surrounding areas.

Robert Bruni started working in photography when he purchased his first 35mm camera back in 1985. Since then his photographs have won awards in various shows and competitions. Bruni has photographed weddings and various family events, but his passion is landscape and nature photography. He feels that his Creator has given him a gift to see what other people seldom see, and he always asks himself how God would like him to shoot the scene that He created. Nature’s Looking Glass was photographed in Canyonlands National Park in Utah. A beautiful tree with an opening showcases snowcapped mountains in the background.

Tom Walker has been an amateur photographer since 1976 and enjoys capturing photos of nature. The leaves in his photograph, Coloring Leaves, were collected on a walk last fall near De Neveu Creek. Tom was attracted to the leaves because of their natural brilliant colors. Once home he arranged the leaves on a table, and noticed that his grandchildren’s crayons closely matched the colors in the leaves. Nature obviously inspired the colors for the crayon manufacturer, and the title of the photo is a play on that concept.

Submissions for the third quarter of 2018 will be accepted in person or via email until June 4, 2018. Registration form, display protocols and more information about the Member Spotlight can be found HERE.

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