A letter from THELMA’s Executive Director

Dear Friends of THELMA,

What’s become so evident during this time of uncertainty is that the arts have never been more important! If you have attended any one of our concerts or art exhibition openings at THELMA, you felt the sense of community. That’s what kept you coming back.

Art brings us together. The arts gives us hope and purpose. If you are reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music or viewing art – you are experiencing art. Art also heals.

Now more than ever, we are turning to the arts to bring people together.

To do our part during this public health crisis, we have continued our programming – just online. We are hosting concerts (the next one is April 24 with Danny and Michelle of Copper Box). We shared a video of our current exhibition. We have held weekly art classes. We held our Book Club meeting. We will have student poetry readings Thursday evening. Our Children’s Chorale is meeting virtually. Finally, we have two contests happening – an outdoor art contest and a poetry contest.

This time is a great opportunity for us to remember how important coming together is for our community and our humanity.

When this is over, we will still be here. And with your help, better than ever. The Barbara and Peter Stone Foundation has offered THELMA a $25,000 matching grant. If you can, please consider a donation. You may also donate back tickets you may have purchased.

Other ways to help:

Continue your membership or consider joining. A couple or family may join for $8.50 per month.

And when we open again, come and enjoy.

Thank you for your generosity and continued support! We look forward to opening our doors and gathering in person once again.




Jacqui Corsi
Executive Director


The Wisconsin Presenters Network, a network of performing arts organizations around the state share messages of hope and appreciation.

The arts are about bringing people together, sharing experiences, and making connections and memories. We are so thankful to be a part of the wonderful arts community. Support the arts! Thank you for your continued support!