Mid-Semester Check-in Message from David Hein

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Greetings FCC Singers and Families:

I want to get us thinking about the future — The Spring Concert may feel like a long ways off, but it’s really only a little more than three months away. Recall that we are planning perform the concert outdoors.

Why are we doing this?

The short answer is variety and interest! (I’ll offer a few more comments on this below) We are relocating the spring concert from our typical May concert date to June 3rd. The rationale for the date change is that it is one more month beyond the chilliest part of spring, edging into summer temps. We picked mid-week because this is the last day of classes for FDL Public Schools.We realize private schools will mostly have been finished with the school year by then. This makes the concert date as late (warm) as possible without risking losing families to summer travels.

The outdoor concert: For families who have been with us for three or more years, you will recall that we performed outdoors for the FCC 20th Anniversary Year — with that concert being the culmination of the year-long anniversary celebration. For those newer to the organization, check this page of THELMA’s Facebook page to find photos from this exciting and interesting concert! Just like for that event, we will again close down Sheboygan Street between THELMA and the Library, perform from a stage platform set-up on the front steps, and the audience brings chairs and sits in the street facing the arts center. Fun!

Special for this concert, I have designed a collaboration merging Bluegrass musical style with children’s voices. Drawing from the wealth of local talent we have in Fond du Lac, including a few of FCC alumni, we are assembling a local bluegrass band of fiddle, guitar, banjo, bass, and percussion. About half of the concert will be performed with the band; the band will play a set on their own; and the choir will sing a set of selections on their own. Music for the collaborative part of the program will be folk song and Americana-inspired selections.

The Massed Choir Rehearsal night for the month of March will be March 16th. That evening we plan to have present some members of the bluegrass ensemble to help give singers a flavor of what this collaboration will be like. We welcome you to join us to listen in!

Also the evening of March 16th, we are planning a short parent meeting to discuss ways that you can become involved in this concert.

Please watch for further updates! Remember that commenting and discussion are a feature of this message when viewed at the Parent Blog page of THELMA’s website.

Best regards,

David Hein

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