FCC Virtual Choir Project

From David Hein
1 minute read

I am posting this accompaniment audio file for one verse and one refrain of “Hard Times Come Again No More,” by Stephen Foster (link at bottom of this post). This is one of the songs we were rehearsing prior to the quarantine. See if you can practice a few of the verses singing along with this file. I will adapt this audio process and create another, longer sound file that we will use to try and build a virtual choir.

Families are certainly welcome to choose whether to participate or not. Though, the more who participate, the better the outcome will be, I think!

For now, simply use this audio file to sing the song.

Stay tuned for more information, including a schedule for future virtual meet-ups, as well as instructions for how we will accomplish this virtual choir project.

The link below takes you to the audio file. You are welcome to download it to your devices.

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