Tom Lundquist: SciFi Jumbo


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Exhibition will be on display from June 23, 2022 –  August 6, 2022

“Science fiction can be a great source of fun for people who make pictures. Though the subjects need to be reasonably rendered, all requirements for recognizable environments, scaling, or any object’s reason for being may be tossed over your shoulder.

I watched a set of interviews with the actors and FX artists who were bringing Dr Who into the contemporary world in 2005. When they explained that it was a children’s show, I realized that this genre could be exciting (even alarming) without being vicious or horrifying. That was intriguing and a dozen ideas grew out of it.

Why do they need to so big? I had just finished doing a 96 image print series where everything was “poster size.” Changing the scale would prevent me from just repeating those posters with a different set of characters. Since I owned a big printer, I decided to let it roar.

Everything in this exhibit is produced through some form of digital modeling and/or digital painting. I turned to computer imagery after spending much of my youth making elaborately detailed drawings. The ability to create much more complex images was an irresistible enticement and I was willing to put aside traditional drawing values to do it.
I live in Los Angeles, California and teach part time at Santa Monica College.”

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