THELMA Book Club

Get ready for the next meeting of the THELMA Book Club! We are reading Lafayette in the Somewhat United States by Sarah Vowell.
You don’t have to finish the book, or even have read it, to attend! Join the THELMA Book Club! It’s free and open to the public! Members are responsible to get their own books. 
Join us for our next meeting October 6 at 7 pm.  Free to attend! ***We will be in a large space to accommodate social distancing. A mask or face covering is required in the building. Thank you for your cooperation.***


About the book:

“From the bestselling author of Assassination Vacation and Unfamiliar Fishes, a humorous and insightful account of the Revolutionary War hero Marquis de Lafayette–the one Frenchman we could all agree on–and an insightful portrait of a nation’s idealism and its reality.” – Good Reads

“At once light-footed and light-hearted, her histories are — dare I say it — fun. And Lafayette is no different.” – Colin Dwyer, NPR