Heidi Jensen: Everything Is For You Until You Discover You Are For It


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June 24, 2021 – August 7, 2021 all-day
Everything Is For You Until You Discover You Are For It by Heidi Jensen

Exhibition will be on display from June 24 –  August 7, 2021

Heidi Jensen has a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has won numerous awards for her unique artistic style.

A thread running throughout my work is confusion of the animate and inanimate, an approach to form leading back to the Surrealists. We seek to establish order by creating taxonomies and groupings, fixing things in place. Yet, forces such as desire can destabilize and upend systems and classifications, resulting in new configurations. Circulating in this work are meditations on states of transformation and the gendered nature of material culture. The drawings begin with a compelling object, like André Breton’s slipper spoon, chosen from an array of objects at a Paris flea market.

Buddhist teachings on desire and anger inform these drawings; there is tension between these ideas and the beauty of the object, whether it is a 17th century linen millstone ruff from the collection of the Rijksmuseum or an inexpensive plastic and microfiber duster found at a local grocery store. These anthropomorphic forms hover between the male and female, they contain tongue-in-cheek references to physical anatomy. The brushes and dusters fight off constricting, beautifying ruffles and mingle with the dust and grime of this world.

Narrative is at play throughout this work, in the transformation of objects or in their actions. They burst into flames, scatter bones, extrude other forms, molt. The title of the exhibition is taken from Don Marquis’ the robin and the worm, in which a worm is eaten by a robin and changes form, mingling with the being that consumed it. Objects may appear inert to our swiftly roving eyes, but they act on and provoke us. They are in slow states of change, acquiring patinas and eroding, casting off parts and gathering dust, becoming lost and found.

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Notes from Shannon Kupfer, THELMA’s Curator

Heidi Jensen’s work exists in a space between cheeky humor, observation of life, and flipping expectations upside down. Her gouache paintings engage viewers with rich colors and lively forms. When I say lively, I mean household dusters dancing on the page lively! Jensen anthropomorphizes banal domestic objects as well as extravagant ones. She juxtaposes them on the page, confusing their roles and meanings as we expect them. Interested in the unpredictable flux of life and culture, Jensen plays with the boundaries of animate/inanimate, humble/decorative, and traditional gender roles.

“Everything Is For You Until You Discover You Are For It” is a thoughtful and creative reimaging of objects, processes, and how we fit into it all.




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