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Message from David Hein
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Hello Children’s Chorale Singers and Families!

It is finally time to try to get together online! I’d like to meet you all for a group video chat on Monday, April 6 at 4pm (this time seems better than our usual in-person meeting time, because it will be ahead of dinner hours for most folks, I hope). I’ll say this isn’t required, but strongly encouraged. I would like to ensure we keep up our sense of community throughout this time of sheltering-in-place. This get-together is for all members, 3rd-8th grades.


For this first attempt at connecting via video, I simply want to visit with you, hear how you are doing, and then try out a few singing and activity ideas. No need to prepare in any special way, except maybe having your choir folder nearby. I’m planning no more than 20-25 minutes, perhaps less for this first time. Parents and siblings, you are welcome to join us, if your FCC member says it’s okay!


I have been connecting using the video conferencing platform Zoom in my university work. It is a free service and has worked quite well. You will need a computer, phone, or tablet. App downloads are available for Apple devices or Android devices; and there are desktop clients for both Windows and Mac computers. You will want to have these downloaded ahead of the meeting. Using the service on a computer allows you to see the faces of everyone involved simultaneously, which is fun; phones and tablets only allow you to see who is speaking at any given moment.
Zoom web page here:

If you would like to test your connection, I will begin the video session at 3:45pm, 15-minutes ahead of our 4pm start time. That way you can log-on to ensure that things are working, trouble-shoot, and then we’ll be ready to officially start at 4pm. If you have been using Zoom or are confident in the function of the technology, no need to join early.

To Connect on Monday, April 6
Once you have downloaded or installed the Zoom app, click this link to join the get-together:

Reach out with questions! Blob posts are ideal, but in-person messaging is fine, too.

[email protected]

I’m excited to see you! I miss you all and our singing together SO MUCH!

David Hein

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