Children’s Chorale Fundraiser – Volunteers Needed

Dear FCC Parents and Guardians,

I hope you are all well. I wanted to send out a quick message about Children’s Chorale. Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, our largest annual fundraiser at Buttermilk Park has been cancelled. In light of this we have been looking for new opportunities to raise funds to support Children’s Chorale. As many of you know, THELMA hosts small street concerts on Thursday evenings over the summer. We plan on continuing the concerts this summer (beginning on June 25), though they will look a little different due social distancing, etc. Nonetheless we are looking to offer a food station at the concerts, similar to the concession station we ran at Buttermilk.

With this, we are asking if FCC parents and guardians are interested and willing to run the concessions at some, if not all, of the Thursday night concerts. THELMA has a limited staff so we would need FCC to oversee the entire operations of the concessions from setting up food orders (through THELMA) to prepping and selling. Though this won’t make up for missing Buttermilk we hope your willingness to assist will help us raise enough funds to assure future FCC programming. For those who have paid a tuition rate reflective of volunteerism, this is a perfect opportunity to fulfill those hours. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested in helping or if you have any questions.

With Thanks,


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