ArtBoy exposes the naked truth about marketing Fond du Lac

Between sound demos, ceiling crashes, trees falls, brick blasts, fundraising, planning, planning, and more planning, it was brought to my attention I have not blogged in a while. I was so hoping no one would notice. Blog? What blog? What’s a blog? Don’t I have people for this?

I don’t.

But I do have people who are working feverishly to make sure the expanded art center will be ready to open September 10 as well as preparing for THE REVEAL on June 25.

Speaking of which, it was gratifying to see the headline from the May 31st edition of The Reporter pertaining to The Reveal. Click here to read.

This kind of exposure goes a long way in raising community awareness. Awareness outside Fond du Lac is also important and one of the key factors in the arts center expansion. If Fond du Lac is going to be attractive to tourists we need attractive venues and we need a visible marketing presence outside our community. This includes everything from travel publications to digital billboards. These are the kinds of marketing strategies being implemented at the arts center with the goal of bringing more visitors to our downtown. More visitors to our restaurants, hotels, businesses, parks, attractions, etc….

Another key component of the expansion is to make our downtown more attractive for work and play as well as more attractive for economic development.

Our downtown has great “bones”. Historic buildings, that if properly developed, could provide jobs, an increase in tourism, an increase in the tax base, as well as attract college students and top tier talent for our employers. Downtown Fond du Lac has already seen a positive economic impact with Commonwealth Development’s Trinity Hall and artist housing projects located directly behind your arts center.

Of course the major reason for our expansion is that it allows our organization to make the arts accessible to our community on a much larger level. More opportunities for arts education, performances, exhibitions. More opportunities to celebrate with friends and family.

So when you come down to Sheboygan Street (yes, Sheboygan Street), all of these wonky points will manifest themselves in dancing, shouting, silliness, artiness, and the coolest construction site concert ever!

I have attached some video of the great Paul Cebar who will be performing for THE REVEAL on the 25th. See you then!